Valentine’s Day: Learn about the Language of Love!

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Valentine’s Day – We all  love a bit of Romance.

Here’s a question for all you English Language Learners. Which of the following words would you not associate with this romantic occasion?

Roses, Candles, Haggis, Chocolates, Champagne


Valentine’s Day – Learn about these old traditions.

We all love a bit of romance and the 14th February has got to be the most romantic day on the calendar – roses, a meal for two, candles, a special card? Going out to a restaurant or staying in and cooking something special. Does your other half organise anything,? Or does the 14 February just pass by like any other ordinary date in the diary? A favourite tradition is to send a card,  one which arrives with no name but enough information to let you card?A particular favourite guess who the mysterious admirer might be.  And what should you write on your verse which has been used for years by young love- birds might be:

Roses are red

Violets are blue

Sugar is sweet

And so are you!   (Aaaaaahhh)

Of course, the cheekier boy or girl might send the following little verse:

Roses are red,
Violets are pleasant,
You’re getting this card,
Instead of a present.

You might prefer the sweetness of the first; but one can’t help but smile at the cheekiness of the second.

How much do you know about the Saint who inspired the whole celebration of love? Try this True/False Quiz.

1 Saint Valentine is the Patron Saint of beekeeping and epilepsy, fainting and travelling.  True or False?

2 Men spend twice as much as women on Valentine’s Day.    True or False?

3 More than 36 million heart-shaped boxes of chocolates are sold worldwide. True or False?

4 The red roses you receive are likely to have come from Kenya. True or False?

5 Tom will buy Lucy a beautiful bouquet.  True or False?



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  • Jacqui

    Tom will buy you the biggest ever bouquet .All the other questions require no answer


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