Top tips for improving your English

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Top tips for improving your English in 2020

Perhaps you’re trying to improve your English to pass an exam like Cambridge English or IELTS. Maybe you’d like to be more fluent for your holidays. People speak English wherever you go in the world; not just the U.S and U.K. Or perhaps you need to communicate In English at work. Maybe you need it for academic purposes. Whatever your needs here are some useful tips to help you. And you’ll improve your general knowledge at the same time.

Watch the news in English. The great thing about this form of receptive skill is that you’ll probably already know the news item in your own language so you’ll be able to follow it more easily. The speed of delivery might be quite fast however you’ll be helped by the visual content. A current event is the terrible bush fires in Australia. With this topic you’ll pick up language such as connected to emergencies and fire and rescue.

Another way to build your language and help with exam practice is reading a newspaper. You can do this online. A wonderful paper is the i. I recommend this newspaper to all my students as it reports intelligently on current affairs, social issues and interesting stories in a concise way. There are also several pages with short synopsis of topical events. Often with coloured photographs.

If you want to practise talking try to find a native English speaker who wants to learn your language. You could meet for coffee and chat in both languages. No one has to pay and both people are learning. You might even make a new friend. I did this recently with a lovely Spanish student who had come to this area to learn English. We both loved to walk so we met once a week. I introduced her yo routes on the beautiful Cateran Trail while we chatted half the time in Spanish, half in English. Great fun and really useful for both of us.

Any or all of these suggestions are useful. A key thing to remember is that whatever you do, do it regularly. Build up a routine so that it becomes a habit. That way you’re more likely to stick to it and not to give up. You will definitely see and feel a difference. Good luck.


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