Terms & Conditions

Please read through our terms and conditions, and our cancellation policy before you enrol.


When you book a course you must pay a deposit of £200. This deposit is non-refundable. Course fees must be paid in full no less than 4 weeks before the course’s start date.
Notice of cancellation or alteration must be made in writing. If you cancel your booking before the final balance is due (4 weeks before the course’s start date), you will lose your deposit but no further monies will be owed. If you cancel between 21 and 15 days before the course start date, a cancellation charge of 75% of total fees is due. If you cancel within 14 days of the course’s start date, 100% of total fees is due. If you arrive late or leave before the end of the course, fees will not be reimbursed. Active English Homestay reserve the right to cancel any course that has been paid in full.


Terms & Conditions

Active English does not provide insurance cover for you (the student) and it is a condition of attending one of our courses that you obtain your own personal travel insurance against cancellation, accident, illness, injury, loss of property, theft or any accidental damage to property or damage caused by you to the property of others.

All European Union students travelling within the Eurozone are advised to get the European Health Insurance Card, in addition to personal travel insurance cover.

The student must provide photographic proof of identity at the time of booking, e.g. copy of passport

Under no circumstances can Active English Homestay be held responsible for any injury, damage loss, delay or accident which may happen during the student’s stay with the teacher and family, or as a result of activities they take part in during their stay, or whilst travelling to and from the teacher’s home, or for loss of property.
Active English is not responsible for students’ personal possessions. It is an explicit condition of enrolment that students accept full financial responsibility for any damage caused by them to the teacher’s property during the course.

In the event of the discovery of any serious health problems and/or contagious illness, mental and/or physical handicap not disclosed at the time of booking, or criminal and/or antisocial behaviour on the part of a student, Active English Homestay reserves the right to terminate the course and expatriate that student at the student’s own cost and without refund of fees.
Lessons missed by students due to illness or absence will not be refunded.

Active English Homestay reserves the right to recommend accommodation with one family and lessons with another, outside teacher, in the unusual event that the host teacher is not available.

Any problems must be brought to the attention of Active English Homestay during the course by the student directly. Active English Homestay cannot accept any retrospective claim or complaint. Any complaints will be dealt with during the course with great delicacy and tact. Notification of any problem is the responsibility of the student. No monies can be refunded for any reason.