Ten Reasons to learn English the Homestay Way

Speaking English to Homestay family

1 Learning the Homestay way means you are part of the family and as such you meet all kinds of people, from old aunties and uncles to little grandchildren who might come to play. It’s so easy to speak to children – they talk slowly , use simple language and never wonder why you can’t understand.
2 You get to discover what real families eat, what time they eat, how they cook and what’s in the fridge. You learn so much by peeking into peoples’ cupboards!!
3 You’ll easily learn all the everyday language – you might be lucky enough to get a host who will give you jobs to do like, sweeping the floors, doing the dishes and setting the table. What better way to learn than hands on, the kinaesthetic way?
4 Your lessons will be tailor made to teach you exactly what you need to know – if you need language for work, lots of grammar or perhaps you need to know language for travel. Whatever your needs, your tutor can prepare lessons to suit your requirements and ability.
5 You’ll get to really know the area where your tutor lives. You’ll be given lots of advice on where to go and must see places. You’ll probably meet the neighbours too.
6 You’ll speak English all day every day. You won’t have other International students speaking your language to distract you.
7 Your lessons will be 1:1 or 2:1 so you’ll be talking all the time
8 Lessons will be focussed but informal. You
9 You won’t’ have to waste any time commuting to school – you’ll just need to get up and go straight to class after breakfast
10 Best of all, you’ be treated as part of the family. You’ll meet their friends and get invited to all the family events. Paco from Argentina went to a birthday party and even wore a wore a kilt.


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