Spring has sprung. It’s official.

Spring has finally arrived. Goodbye to all those long, dark nights and Hello to the lovely, bright days. Birds are going mad in the gardens, starting to build their nests, lambs are appearing in the fields and here in Scotland the daffodils are finally starting to dance. Bye bye ice and snow, roll on warm sunny days!

And have you ever thought about all the idioms connected with spring? Ever learnt any in your Cambridge Certificate classes or used them in conversation  ?

What do all four of these idioms have in common?

  • To be full of the joys of Spring.
  • To be like a spring chicken
  • To have a spring in your step
  • To have spring fever

All of them are positive statements. They suggest energy, vitality, action and happiness. Although they have the word “Spring” in them, you can use them at any time of the year.  If you are “full of the joys of spring” you are a happy, positive person. Older people who are feeling energetic might be referred to as “Spring chickens”. Anyone beginning a task with energy and gusto is said to “have a spring in their step”.

I, along with the birds and daffodils am happy that Spring has arrived!



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