Discover real Scottish food. Try our Arbroath Smokies

Young male student showing my grandson the smoking herrings at the Dundee food festival

Learn to make Scottish food with your teacher

Nothing like the aromatic flavour of the old Arbroath Smokies to tantalise your taste buds. In this part of Scotland it’s the number one Scottish food. Truly authentic. You won’t find it anywhere else. In fact, with European legislation you can only make it in Arbroath. And that’s twenty miles from Active English.

We couldn’t let the opportunity pass without introducing our English Language Student to the colours, activities, music and floral displays.  That meant going to the Dundee and Flower Show earlier this month. And of course, the delicious local food. There was lots of information to learn from the Head Gardener from Glamis Castle Gardens. He was happy to explain to our little Swiss guy how and where he grew the wonderful barrow of vegetables. He’d  brought it along to impress everyone.

Then there was the lovely lady who knitted and crotcheted her own finger puppets. They were wonderful little gifts to take home. And what a perfect whay to learn about animals. No books or pictures required. We just picked them up and popped them on. From snails to ladybirds, turtles to tortoises. Does anyone know the difference between those hard-shelled creatures?

The glorious scents of flowers were everywhere. Some were in the grand marquee with demonstrations on how to make beautiful bouquets and miniature gardens. Some were even complete with fountains and topiary.

Finally, with so much to see and the tantalising smell of food all around it was the scent of the fish being smoked in hardwoods in a covered barrel which drew us to the stall of Iain R Spink. Our student was delighted to get a tad smoked himself. He  happily posed for this photo before tucking into a plate of succulent smokies. All washed down with a good old pint.

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