PHRASAL VERBS. Learn them with practice. We love them

Lucy, the teacher is lying on sofa eating a huge slice of cake. Her niece is telling her to go and do some exercise.

PHRASAL VERBS – They are pretty difficult. The best way to learn them is through practice and in context! And New Year is the time to practise. Many phrasal verbs are connected to action. So. Get up! Get out! And Get going!!

New Year is the time when we are full of resolutions about all the healthy, BORING things we’re going to start doing and, and of course, the catalogue of DELICIOUS things we have to stop.
Let’s face it, most New Year Resolutions are based on Health and Fitness, in other words eating too much, smoking like a chimney and drinking gallons of wine. Over indulgence during the festive period leads to serious abstinence in January. Every January we decide to improve our lives. Someethies we decide to do things, sometimes we decide we need to stop something. The best thing I ever did was to stop smoking. So here are ten phrasal verbs you need to put into action in 2019

Examples of phrasal verbs

1. Get up – get up off the sofa and do some exercise.
2. Get out –Get our and and run. You can always stop when no one is looking.
3. Get going – Get going and don’t stop running until you’re thin.
4. Give up – Give up smoking immediately.
5. Put on –Put on your trainers. You’ll look like you mean business even if you don’t do any exercise.
6. Cut out – Cut out cigarettes right now. Yes. Right now.
7. Take up –Take up line dancing, or Salsa. Whichever you prefer.
8. Stay away – Stay away from chocolates, crisps, nuts, wine, sweets and everything you fancy, basically.
9. Find out – Find out where the gym is. Don’t join it, just run there every day.
10. Give away – Give away all the chocolates left over from Christmas. Every single one of them.

See how our students learn their grammar through practice. Lessons in the morning and practise the rest of the day. See what they have to what they have to say

Good luck. Happy and Healthy New Year.


2 comments on “PHRASAL VERBS. Learn them with practice. We love them

  • Karen

    Easy to follow, direct and to the point and all so healthy for you


  • Laure Moulier

    Oui, yes, si, ja,da, you are right!!! Happy new year everyone! Laure

  • L Moulier

    Oui, yes, ja, da, si! You are right! Happy new year to all. Laure


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