New genus of Fruit Salad Tree. First ever grown in Scotland.

Do you ever get tired of buying selections of fruit? Not knowing whether to choose apples, bananas, grapes or pears?Are there old, bruised grapes sitting in the bottom of the fruit bowl or nectarines which you’ve bought weeks ago and they still haven’t ripened? Well, look no further than Alyth in Perthshire. Fruit farmers at here have developed a new genus of fruit tree which bears a whole selection of your favourite samples from juicy oranges to glorious grapes. No need to shop around, just plant one of our new Fruit Salad trees and you can have a whole selection. Eaten fresh off the ¬†tree or boiled up and made into jam: you’ll have a whole medley to choose from, Fruits become ripe and ready to pluck from the 1st April onwards. Enjoy…..


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