Modal Verbs – we love them!

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Happy New Year and time for………..Modal Verbs!!


“Oh no. Not modal verbs” I hear you say. Well, actually, January is the perfect time for practising our old friends. “Why?” you may ask.  Well. The way you feel as the New Year begins, the targets you set yourself, the resolutions you make and fully intend to keep are all opportunities and possibilities full of modal verbs. Follow me and see why.

CAN – I can lose weight in 2018, at least 2 stone (12.7  kg if you live in mainland Europe)

COULD – I could start eating more salads and soups instead of chips and battered sausage.

MAY – Next time I go to McDonald’s I’ll say “May I have a salad instead of fries with my BIGMAC please”

SHOULD – Should the Government forget about BREXIT and concentrate on policies which ban all sweets, cakes and fizzy drinks and make it illegal to drive any distance under 1 mile (1.6km if you live in mainland Europe), forcing people to walk instead?

SHALL – I shall never drink alcohol again, thus becoming healthy, rich, slim and possibly utterly boring, all in one fell swoop.

WILL – From now on I will jump out of bed one hour earlier than usual.  I will run 5 miles (8 km if you live in mainland Europe!) before my breakfast, which will be porridge with no sugar, of course.

WOULD – Would any English Language Learners out there like to join me in putting these modal verb suggestions into action??????

MUST – Anyone who answers “yes” to this question must be mad!!



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