Learn English and play golf.

Imagine speaking English, learning lots of new vocabulary and really improving your understanding, all while playing golf and improving your swing. English lessons in the morning and golf in the afternoon. Wouldn’t that be amazing? It would certainly be possible.
Our aim is to plan and deliver lessons and activities to suit your needs. Being lucky enough to live in the heart of golfing country means it’s logical to take advantage of these facilities.
Active English Homestay Learning is located one hour from St Andrews, the home of golf and within fifteen minutes of six beautiful courses. We are not far from Carnoustie, the course where Jean Van Develle almost won the Open. You could see the river where he took his socks off while trying to hit that important shot. You could play a different course every day from Links to gently rolling Perthshire courses with years of history.
How about a lesson in the morning learning the vocabulary and structures you need to talk to your golf partner, compare your scores, dissect your play. It’s all possible. How about getting a par at the first, a birdie at the second and finishing it all off at the nineteenth to savour the best of Scottish malts.
At Active English you will have a CELTA trained teacher who will organise your own personal classes to teach you the language you need to know and unusually her husband is a professional golf caddie with years of experience working at St Andrews Old Course. He could put together a week of games at different courses. English and Golf. A winning combination.


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