Improve your English with Homestay Learning


Would you like to do a General English course which is personalized to exactly what you need to know? Do you like the idea of learning at your speed at a level which suits you? Would you like the experience of relaxed classes with no need to travel further than the kitchen to the living room? Then Homestay Learning is what you need.

For many students  learning English means sitting in a classroom with  twenty other people, learning things you already know , taking it in turns to practise asking directions to the Tourist Office or even worse, sitting with teenagers who are only there because their parents forced them. If this is what Language schools mean to you, then maybe you should think of doing a General English course in your Teacher’s home.

You will learn all day every day. Our students love starting the day chatting over breakfast, followed by three hours of fun, relaxing lessons learning what you want to know. If you are interested in golf you can learn all you need to know about taking a swing or discussing the angle of the shot. Perhaps you need to improve your language skills to teach arts and crafts or PE in school. We can teach you what you need to know. And best of all, you will learn in a way that suits you.

Our students tell us that they love the informality of the classes. Having 1:1 or 2:1 teaching means they get so much attention and practice. By the end of a week they really feel the difference, growing in confidence and ability. Homestay Learning works.


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