St Patrick’s Day. Try our quiz. See what you know about Irish Culture

Try our quiz. Test your knowledge on Irish culture

St Patrick’s day is celebrated in more countries throughout the world than any other national day. Two million people turn out in New York to enjoy the parade – that’s more than a third of the population of modern day Ireland! Tourism Ireland has had the wonderful idea of a Global Greening Initiative where cities turn their most iconic buildings green. That’s mad and fantastic in equal measure. Revellers paint their faces green, drink green beer, they even dye the river green in Chicago! Some people think it’s got a bit tacky but, sure, “Who cares? It’s great fun

So what of the Saint who started it all off? What do you know about him? Try our fun quiz and see what you find out. Try our quiz. Test your knowledge.

1 St Patrick was a shepherd who watched his sheep on:
A Ben Nevis
B Mount Everest
C Slemish

2 The national emblem of Ireland is:
A Shamrock
B Garlic
C Guinness

3 Which animal did St Patrick banish from Ireland?
A Llama
B Elephant
C Snake

4 Which city held the first St Patrick’s day parade?
A Dublin
B New York
C New Delhi

5 Which implement did this Irish saint stick into the ground and it grew?
A his umbrella
B his walking stick
C his smart phone

6 The first landmark to turn green to celebrate the saint’s day was:
A Buckingham Palace
B Sydney Opera House
C Eiffel Tower

7 Why is the Shamrock associated with St Patrick
A because he thought it was lucky
B it was his favourite sandwich filling
C he used it to teach about the Trinity

8 The shortest parade, of 24.3 metres took place in County Cork. This was the distance:
A between the church and the main square
B between the school and the Town Hall
C between the village’s two pubs

ANSWERS: 1C 2 A 3C 4B 5B 6B 7C 8C


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