Have a Family Holiday while learning English with the kids.

English for kids

Why should kids learn English?

We think it’s so important for children to learn English. So we offer a course specifically called English for Kids. The children can learn through fun activities while having the security of having their parents close by. Here are three reasons for children to learn:

1 It’s the most commonly spoken language in the world

2 It will increase your child’s chances of doing well in the world of work

3 It’s the language of the Internet, Media, The European Union, Science and Technology, Invention, Medicine, Engineering, Aviation……

Do I need to say more?       NO!

Even  your children know how important it is to make progress in English but do they really want to go to yet another school in their holidays? What child chooses to do lessons on a lovely summer day? NONE!!

So, here at Active English we offer a personalised Language programme for children to learn English in a fun environment  with the security of having their parents close by. They combine learning English with having a family holiday.

Here are some of the activities we offer:

Learn about places in the town and directions – using a real map of Alyth the child must find certain shops and complete transactions  eg – buy a postcard and stamp and send it to someone at home – writing in English, of course!

Learn about food and cooking – working with the Tutor, the children will choose a meal they like, go shopping and later cook the food for the parents ( all under supervision of the Tutor)

Learning Vocabulary – doing a Treasure Hunt in the garden

Language associated with the town – visiting Edinburgh

Language associated with shopping – a favourite task with our young learner is to take the double-decker bus to Dundee and visit shops there

Learn about local traditions – we live in a fruit growing area. The children will go to pick raspberries and strawberries in a local farm and make jam to take home.

Have a look at what our Swedish family thought about having a holiday with their grandchildren. having a holiday with their grandchildrenThey loved it so much they came back!



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