All the family can learn English together.

At Active English we know that all sorts of people want to learn English with native speakers in a friendly home. It’s not just adults who want to improve their English with Homestay Learning and not everyone wants to take classes. So last week a family of two grandparents and three of their grandchildren came to stay with Lucy and Tom in their large home here in the village of Alyth.
They wanted to learn in a relaxed and natural way; no formal lessons, just learning while doing the things they enjoy. The family wanted to combine a holiday with speaking English and that’s exactly what happened. Here’s the programme which we put together for the six days they were here.
Day 1
Arrive Edinburgh airport – straight into Edinburgh city centre to enjoy the views of the castle, the street theatre in the Royal Mile and catch the second half of the England v Scotland World cup qualifier in a child-friendly pub.
Day 2
Pop along the road to the magical castle of Glamis where the Highland games are taking place. Heavy men throwing the hammer , Highland dancing, piping and tartan and the opportunity for the children to take part in the visitors running race
Day 3
Lucy, the tutor had organised a challenge for the children, requiring them to go to local shops and buy various items. Being a small and friendly village, the shop keepers were primed and ready for the children whose confidence was growing by the minute
In the afternoon, kayaking on the Tay where they were lucky enough to see an osprey flying high above and two beavers frolicking on the river bank.
Day 4
A guided tour of St Andrews and a visit to a secluded beach which only the locals know. Finishing off the evening with fish and chips by the sea.
Day 5
A walk up the local hill followed by taking the Number 57 double decker bus to Dundee for a bit of shopping.
Day 6
Golfing, picking strawberries to make jam to take home and meeting Lucy and Tom’s little grandson.
Day 7
Goodbye to three happy and confident young English speakers!!


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