English with golf

Combine a golf holiday with an English Language course personalised to suit your needs.
Learn English in the morning, play golf in the afternoon


How will I learn?

I offer General English intensive lessons focused on your needs, learning in the way that suits you best.

Lessons will be suitable for complete beginners up to advanced level students

You will be learning on a one to one basis or with a friend or family member so you are guaranteed to make significant progress quickly. A second Learner receives a discount.

Lessons will be relaxed but well-planned based, on topics which interest you, whether that is for work, travel or study.

Your Tutor is CELTA/TEFL trained, guaranteeing the highest possible standard of teaching. Her husband is a professional Caddie

You will learn through 100% total immersion in the English Language, the best way to make real progress and gain confidence.

You will feel the difference in your fluency from day one.

What will I learn?

In your first lesson I will assess your level of English and choose the right range of activities for you. Learning in your teacher’s home allows you to practise English naturally and develop confidence. You will improve all 4 capacities: talking, listening, writing and reading with particular emphasis on speaking, listening and communication skills.

What will we do in lessons?

• Discuss a wide range of topics relevant to contemporary life

• Develop your general English vocabulary so you can express yourself in all kinds of settings

• Use your English in real life scenarios like playing golf, visiting museums, walking with your Tutor

• Listen to and watch different kinds of media

• Read various articles so you can extend your knowledge of Scottish and British culture

• Extend your understanding of grammar

• Improve your pronunciation and spoken fluency

How many lessons will I have?

You will have 15 hours of tuition per week. Three hours for 5 days. 1:1 or 2:1 with a friend or family member. Lessons will take place between 9-12 am. Your Tutor will organise at least three golf games for you each week.

You will also have two excursions with the family.

At the end of the course

You will be given a certificate to show that you have completed the course along with suggestions of what you should do in the future to continue to make progress.

Contact us at:info@activeenglish.org.uk

Lucy’s husband is a professional Caddie and will organise your golf for you.

15 Golf courses within 25km.

50 minutes to St Andrews, the home of golf.