Christmas is coming to Alyth. Discover Scottish traditions

Scottish traditions in every town. Turning on the Christmas lights Everyone loves Christmas with all its traditions. One of my favourites is when we turn on the lights. And now, it’s  that time of year again, magical for both children and adults alike. Just when you’re getting fed up with dark, cold nights, thinking only of curling up by the […] Continue Reading

Discover real Scottish food. Try our Arbroath Smokies

Learn to make Scottish food with your teacher Nothing like the aromatic flavour of the old Arbroath Smokies to tantalise your taste buds. In this part of Scotland it’s the number one Scottish food. Truly authentic. You won’t find it anywhere else. In fact, with European legislation you can only make it in Arbroath. And that’s twenty miles from Active […] Continue Reading

For all you Art Lovers who want to learn English

Active English may be located in a small town but it is only a bus journey away from Perth, a culturally rich city where you can enjoy museums, theatre and art galleries. One of my favourite places is the Fergusson Gallery. I have long been interested in touring art galleries to enjoy what those with real talent have to show […] Continue Reading

Alyth buzzing with it’s own festival – Alyth Creates

The whole town was buzzing with a most wonderful festival, Alyth Creates – a whole weekend of celebrating local Art, Culture, Music and the Outdoors. Whatever your interests and hobbies, there was something here for you. Visitors came from all over Scotland and abroad. We met a group of friends from Glasgow who were celebrating a Henny – no rabbit […] Continue Reading

Question tags. It’s great weather, isn’t it?

Talking about the weather and using question tags   Blue skies. It’s going to rain! If you don’t come from these islands, and particularly, if you’re learning English as a foreign language, you might wonder why we seem to be obsessed about the weather. My advice to you is – On the list of important topics to learn you MUST include […] Continue Reading

The Magic of the Cateran Trail – miles of stunning walks

As a girl who grew up in the gritty and troubled city of Belfast during the 1970s, moved to teach English in another city, this time in Zaragoza, Spain, then onto East London to work in an Inner Comprehensive, I never  for a second considered that I would live in any conurbation of under half a million. No chance that […] Continue Reading

Have a ski holiday and learn English

Want to ski and improve your English? How many places in the United Kingdom or Ireland could offer the chance to ski and learn English together? You could take English classes in many beautiful towns in England, or learn in wonderful cities in Ireland, you could certainly find a town on the coast with a Language School, but I don’t […] Continue Reading

Have a Family Holiday while learning English with the kids.

Why should kids learn English? We think it’s so important for children to learn English. So we offer a course specifically called English for Kids. The children can learn through fun activities while having the security of having their parents close by. Here are three reasons for children to learn: 1 It’s the most commonly spoken language in the world […] Continue Reading

Valentine’s Day: Learn about the Language of Love!

Valentine’s Day – We all  love a bit of Romance. Here’s a question for all you English Language Learners. Which of the following words would you not associate with this romantic occasion? Roses, Candles, Haggis, Chocolates, Champagne   Valentine’s Day – Learn about these old traditions. We all love a bit of romance and the 14th February has got to […] Continue Reading

Happy Burns Day: 5 Things to know about this Scottish Celebration

Scottish people all over the globe will be celebrating today. Why? It’s the day when, 259 years ago, on 25 January, Robert Burns, Scotland’s national poet was born. Whether you live in Edinburgh, New York or Canada, if you have Scottish blood in your veins, you’ll be donning your kilt and cooking up a haggis. 1 Who was Robert Burns? […] Continue Reading