All the family can learn English together.

At Active English we know that all sorts of people want to learn English with native speakers in a friendly home. It’s not just adults who want to improve their English with Homestay Learning and not everyone wants to take classes. So last week a family of two grandparents and three of their grandchildren came to stay with Lucy and […] Continue Reading

History, culture, nature and learning English all combined

Where to begin? The wonderful thing about learning English in the Homestay way is that you are totally immersed in the culture of the country where you are staying. If you come to Scotland, and to Alyth in particular, you are definitely coming to a little town, rich in history and culture, bursting with creativity artistic, active and historical and […] Continue Reading

Learn English and play golf.

Imagine speaking English, learning lots of new vocabulary and really improving your understanding, all while playing golf and improving your swing. English lessons in the morning and golf in the afternoon. Wouldn’t that be amazing? It would certainly be possible. Our aim is to plan and deliver lessons and activities to suit your needs. Being lucky enough to live in […] Continue Reading

Improve your English with Homestay Learning

  Would you like to do a General English course which is personalized to exactly what you need to know? Do you like the idea of learning at your speed at a level which suits you? Would you like the experience of relaxed classes with no need to travel further than the kitchen to the living room? Then Homestay Learning […] Continue Reading

You don’t have to be a Native Speaker to tell jokes.

Everyone loves to laugh.  What’s the point in speaking a language if you can’t enjoy have fun using it, entertain people, make friends and play around with it? Jokes can be very sophisticated, using slang, perhaps language which is very difficult or even using references which you simply can’t appreciate. Understanding jokes in a foreign language is certainly a challenge […] Continue Reading

Easter, a time of fun and tradition.

Easter is a great time to learn about our customs and traditions. It’s a time for celebrating in many parts of the world, whether it’s the Christian rituals or the joy of spring and newness, it is an uplifting time. Many of the traditions date back to Pagan times, celebrating the spring solstice and fertility. Gradually the pagan rituals have […] Continue Reading

New genus of Fruit Salad Tree. First ever grown in Scotland.

Do you ever get tired of buying selections of fruit? Not knowing whether to choose apples, bananas, grapes or pears?Are there old, bruised grapes sitting in the bottom of the fruit bowl or nectarines which you’ve bought weeks ago and they still haven’t ripened? Well, look no further than Alyth in Perthshire. Fruit farmers at here have developed a new […] Continue Reading

Spring has sprung. It’s official.

Spring has finally arrived. Goodbye to all those long, dark nights and Hello to the lovely, bright days. Birds are going mad in the gardens, starting to build their nests, lambs are appearing in the fields and here in Scotland the daffodils are finally starting to dance. Bye bye ice and snow, roll on warm sunny days! And have you […] Continue Reading

So. Why come to ALYTH to learn English?

Lots of people take English classes in Brighton, Bournemouth, London and Edinburgh. Others study CPE in big, busy cities. But who comes to a little town in East Scotland to study English, you may ask? The answer…… Someone who wants to have fun, of course!!!! Here are some of the things English Language Students can do when they’re not studying. […] Continue Reading

5 Reasons to learn English with Active English Homestay, Scotland.

Do you want to improve your English but don’t have time to go to classes every week, all year long? Maybe you’ve been to a Language School where you spent most of your free time after English lessons NOT speaking English with your friends from home! Learning with the 1:1 or 2:1 General English Immersion Course guarantees fast progress. Here […] Continue Reading