Simple Past Tense. Meeting up with old friends after 33 years!

You probably already know that the simple present is constructed by adding “ed” to the base verb. In many ways it’s very straight forward to use however, there are, annoyingly many exceptions to this rule. In this blog I’m going to tell you about a recent visit by some old school friends. I’ll use the simple past in context which […] Continue Reading

Burns Night. What do you know about Scotland’s national Bard?

Burns Night As an Irish woman living in Scotland I love Burns Night. I can get really fired up in the knowledge that everyone living in this northern country can get excited about our wonderful Bard. I love it that he crosses the divide. Doesn’t matter what class, how educated you are or what part of Scotland you come from. […] Continue Reading

Winter idioms – let’s practise

Here we are near the end of January and I think it’s safe to say that we’re nearing the end of Winter I love it when the days start getting longer, we begin to plan our summer holidays and a walk around the garden surprises us with little green shoots, popping up from the frozen ground. So, time to think […] Continue Reading

Top tips for improving your English

Top tips for improving your English in 2020 Perhaps you’re trying to improve your English to pass an exam like Cambridge English or IELTS. Maybe you’d like to be more fluent for your holidays. People speak English wherever you go in the world; not just the U.S and U.K. Or perhaps you need to communicate In English at work. Maybe […] Continue Reading

Learn English in the morning. Play golf in the afternoon.

When you come to Scotland you come to the Home of Golf. Here you will find some of the finest courses in the world. Rich in tradition and open to all. Our English Language Homestay School is based in an area where you will find seven 18 hole courses within 10 km. Lucy’s husband and son are members at Alyth […] Continue Reading

Do you love old cars? See the places only the locals know

If you want to know about local culture then stay with Lucy and discover the places that only the locals know. Discover the secret. See inside the grey and unprepossessing collection of buildings that used to be old mills. You will find the beating heart of a world leader in restoration and repairs of vintage and classic cars. Nineteen employees, […] Continue Reading

Ten Reasons to learn English the Homestay Way

1 Learning the Homestay way means you are part of the family and as such you meet all kinds of people, from old aunties and uncles to little grandchildren who might come to play. It’s so easy to speak to children – they talk slowly , use simple language and never wonder why you can’t understand. 2 You get to […] Continue Reading

St Patrick’s Day. Try our quiz. See what you know about Irish Culture

St Patrick’s day is celebrated in more countries throughout the world than any other national day. Two million people turn out in New York to enjoy the parade – that’s more than a third of the population of modern day Ireland! Tourism Ireland has had the wonderful idea of a Global Greening Initiative where cities turn their most iconic buildings […] Continue Reading

Imperatives and New Year go together! Book an English Course

Questions Did you start off 2019 full of optimism about all the New Year’s Resolutions? Remember all those things you were going to do? What about all the things you planned never to do again? Let’s have a look at imperatives. They’re so easy in English. Did you make a list and set all the reminders on your phone to make […] Continue Reading

PHRASAL VERBS. Learn them with practice. We love them

PHRASAL VERBS – They are pretty difficult. The best way to learn them is through practice and in context! And New Year is the time to practise. Many phrasal verbs are connected to action. So. Get up! Get out! And Get going!! New Year is the time when we are full of resolutions about all the healthy, BORING things we’re […] Continue Reading