For all you Art Lovers who want to learn English

Round former water tower, now an art gallery in Perth, Scotland

Active English may be located in a small town but it is only a bus journey away from Perth, a culturally rich city where you can enjoy museums, theatre and art galleries. One of my favourite places is the Fergusson Gallery.
I have long been interested in touring art galleries to enjoy what those with real talent have to show us. Some modern pieces are too obscure or weird for me to appreciate. Some of the Old Masters are too heavy and dark, but a style which always has something to offer is the bright, lightly executed and timeless works of the Scottish Colourists. And one whose works are on display just half an hour from Active English Language School is the Scottish painter, J. D. Fergusson
John Duncan Fergusson was born in Edinburgh, had family links to Perthshire and lived much of his life in France along with his lifelong partner, Margaret Morris. She was a professional dancer , his lover and muse who features in many of his works.
On my last visit to the museum the exhibition featured portraits of women in his life. All the women looked out from the canvases with a confidence suggesting a sureness in themselves. The brush strokes were confident, there was a movement to the clothes and hats of the models and the colours had been applied to portray freshness and modernity.
Not only are his paintings worth seeing, but the building in which they are housed is also a work of beauty. It is a domed construction, built in 1830 to provide pumped water to the homes in Perth. Built beside the majestic River Tay of stone from Fife and one of the first cast iron buildings in the world, it is a round building allowing you to weave your way through the works, missing none at all.


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