About Us

Our philosophy is to teach you what you want to know and to provide the opportunity to practise what you learn in lessons while doing the activities you enjoy most.

We believe that the best way to learn English is to speak English all day every day.

It is also crucial to be taught by a professional Teacher who can analyse and meet your language needs. Your course will be taught by a CELTA trained Tutor. This qualification is internationally recognised and British Council accredited.

Research shows that people learn best when they are relaxed and happy. At Active English you will be in a comfortable, friendly home with sociable people who want to make your stay a memorable one. You will have lots of time to talk but also the freedom to do your own thing.

What makes Active English unique?

We are located in a culturally rich area with opportunities to do something you might never have done before. Whether your interests are in sport, gastronomy, history, nature or the arts there is something in the East of Scotland to suit you. During the lessons your Tutor will teach you the language you’ll need to get the most out of your daily adventures.

You will live and learn English in the home of your Tutor. In this way you will experience the fun and culture of Scotland


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