5 Reasons to learn English with Active English Homestay, Scotland.

Do you want to improve your English but don’t have time to go to classes every week, all year long? Maybe you’ve been to a Language School where you spent most of your free time after English lessons NOT speaking English with your friends from home! Learning with the 1:1 or 2:1 General English Immersion Course guarantees fast progress. Here are 5 Reasons to choose Homestay English.

1 Learn English while having fun.

Active English is located in a beautiful part of Eastern Scotland, one hour from Edinburgh, close to St Andrews, the home of golf, with easy access to spectacular countryside where you can walk, cycle, canoe, play golf and enjoy the outdoors. Or if history and art are you passion we have museums, galleries, castles and whisky distilleries close by. Combine learning English in the morning and being free to enjoy a range of cultural and outdoor activities the rest of the day.

2 Fast progress.
One to one or two one is the most effective way to Learn English quickly. You will speak English all day every day, not only during the classes but at lunch and dinner, with the family and their friends.

3 Personalised classes
You decide what you need to learn. We plan a programme to suit your needs. Whether it’s language for Business, travel or professional development ,we can offer a range of materials and activities to suit you.

4 Full Immersion.
You will be living and learning English in a real and authentic way. If you are interested in food, you can shop and cook with your Teacher. Perhaps go to a local supermarket or visit a farm and pick your own strawberries. Whatever your interests, we can build our lessons to cater for your needs.

5 Flexibility
Our courses are available all year round, not only in the summer.


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