The experience with Active English gave me what I was looking for and much more. I improved my English a lot and visited a gorgeous country. I did lovely walks around Alyth, a lovely village in a beautiful and wild place. We visited Edinburgh, St Andrews, Dundee and the beaches of the east coast of Scotland. English classes with Lucy were always very interesting, never boring and very useful.

Lucy and her husband Tom are welcoming and very friendly. I would recommend this experience to all who wish to improve their English and want to discover a beautiful land full of surprises.

Anna Lugano, Italy. July 7, 2016

Aprende Inglés con éxito, intensa y rápidamente, viviendo y estudiando en la casa de tu profesor

We loved our visit to Active English. When you live with your teacher you can make so much progress. And you can learn about life in Scotland. The classes are exactly what you need. We wanted to know more grammar and also to talk all the time in English. We are two friends who wanted to learn together. You have classes in the morning and can visit the local area in the afternoon and at weekends. We went to Edinburgh, Dundee and Perth and to the beaches on the coast.

Susana and Maria Jesus, Alicante, Spain. July 21, 2016

I am a 54 year old lady and I've never been twice in the same place.
But, in the Easter holiday, I went to Scotland for the second time, to Alyth where I have already been. I needed to go back to Active English because I felt  that I could get so much more from Lucy and the unique experience of Active English. This experience has given me so much more than I expected. Thanks Lucy (lovely, patient and passionate teacher) and to her lovely , friendly and funny husband Tom. I would recommend this experience to everyone who would like to improve their English. While you are learning you are also walking, visiting and experiencing Scottish life. Brilliant!

Anna Fioravera, Lugano, Switzerland. April 28, 2017

Mi chiamo Daniela,ho 46 anni

Ho sempre desiderato imparare l'inglese ma per mille motivi e mille scuse non l'ho mai fatto.

Grazie alla mia amica Anna che era già stata l'anno scorso con Active English mi ha coinvolta e così abbiamo trascorso le vacanze di Pasqua in Scozia ad Alyth, una bellissima settimana con persone fantastiche in un posto bellissimo.

Mi sono sentita in un ambiente famigliare caloroso,  ho camminato in posti stupendi. Lucy e suo marito sono veramente speciali e accoglienti. Le lezioni di inglese si svolgono in casa in modo molto confortevole e devo dire che ho imparato parecchio . La pazienza di tutti nell'aiutarmi a capire e ad arricchire il mio vocabolario è stata incredibile. Quindi si parla tutto il giorno non ci si limita solo alle ore di lezione ma mentre fai colazione o pranzi o ceni si dialoga sempre. Questo fa la differenza. Ci hanno portato a vedere il mare sempre con molta allegria Ringrazio Anna per avermi coinvolta in questa bellissima settimana e ringrazio Lucy e Tom per avermi insegnato tanto. Appena potrò tornerò con piacere.

Daniela, Lugano, Switzerland. April 28, 2017

Before we decided to go to Scotland we had an idea that it would be nice for three of our grandchildren to be more interested in the English language.

We went to stay with Lucy Boylan and her husband Tom in Alyth in Scotland.

It has been a fantastic week with a lot of activities and a good fun. We visited St Andrews, had a guided tour from a family friend and walked along the coast.  Tom gave us a golf lesson at his golf course and one day we went kayaking on the River Tay. We even picked strawberries in a local farm and afterwards made jam.

We and the children in age of 9, 11 and 13 have learn a lot through practice English in daily life.

Active English gave us the chance to learn English while having a holiday - no formal lessons but the children grew in confidence.

Everything was better than our expectations and we really enjoy our stay with Lucy and Tom.

Ulla and Håkan, Joona (14), Ester(12) and Jack(10). Sweden. June 27, 2017

L'apprentissage de l'anglais par immersion dans une famille est une excellente formule. Elle permet d'intensifier les progrès en communication orale (expression et compréhension) parce qu'elle offre l'opportunité de communiquer avec plusieurs personnes différentes de la famille et du réseau de connaissance.
Lucy a su s'adapter à nos niveaux de compréhension et de communication pendant les cours, mais aussi lors des autres moments de la journée que nous avons partagé ensemble, facilitant en cela nos progrès en anglais.
Notre demande était centrée sur l'amélioration de la communication orale. L'ensemble des activités, variées et ludiques, proposées par Lucy ont pleinement répondu à cet objectif.
Lucy et Tom sont des personnes très ouvertes, curieuses, enthousiastes. Ces qualités nous ont permis d'être d'emblée très à l'aise chez eux, et cela pendant les 15 jours de stage.
Pour terminer, nous ajouterons qu'Alyth est situé dans un bel environnement. Nos temps libres nous ont permis de compléter notre connaissance de cette belle région.


Armel et Christine, France. July 30, 2017

C’est une expérience incroyable de pouvoir partir à la découverte d’un pays et d’autant plus y découvrir la culture de ses habitants. Nous sommes deux amies et dans le cadre de nos études l’anglais est primordiale, alors pourquoi pas tenter l’expérience ? Grace à Lucy nous n’avons plus peur de parler anglais, nous formulons de belles phrases et nous avons appris beaucoup de vocabulaire ! Les échanges sur nos cultures autour d’une table fut très intéressent et ludique avec toute la famille. Nous avons visité Edimbourg avec son festival, Dundee, St Andrew, une distillerie de whisky, et les plages de la côte Ecossaise.

Lucy et Tom sont très sympathique, accueillant, on se sent directement à la maison, la barrière de la langue n’est pas un obstacle aux discussions.

Léa et Léa, France Alsace

August 28, 2017

How many experiences “ learning English”! private lessons at home, some English courses in England, with a family or in a residential, but I haven't done any one like this so far!
Staying with Lucy (and Tom, of course) has been a cultural not only linguisitc experience. I have learned a lot every day, simply talking or going to different places like sightseeing, talking during the lunch or dinner, on the beach or walking in the forest. I have so many wonderful memories that I don't know what's the best! Every morning I learnt English with Lucy, three hours of intensive work, the enough time not to feel pickled.
And what great holidays! Living with a family, above all in this family, I could appreciate and share so many activities, moment by moment: Lucy's pictures, the meeting with their friends...but even if I participated in the family life, I could choose every time what I wanted to do having full freedom of choice: it's so important!
I recommend so much this experience of learning English, for this reason I know I’ll go back.

In Italian:
Quante esperienze nello studio dell'inglese! lezioni private a domicilio, alcuni corsi di inglese in Inghilterra, in famiglia o in una struttura residenziale, ma nessuno come questo sino ad ora.
Essere ospite di Lucy ( e naturalmente di Tom) è stata un'esperienza culturale oltre che linguistica. Ho imparato tanto ogni giorno, semplicemente parlando o visitando i luoghi piú diversi, durante il pranzo o la cena, sulla spiaggia o camminando nel bosco. Ho cosí tanti ricordi che non so quale sia il migliore! Ogni mattina ho approfondito il mio inglese con Lucy, tre ore di intenso lavoro, il tempo sufficiente per non sentirsi "in salamoia".
E che splendide vacanze! Vivendo in famiglia, ma soprattutto in questa famiglia, ho potuto apprezzare e condividere cosí tante attività, momento dopo momento: i quadri di Lucy, gli incontri con i loro amici...Ma anche se ho partecipato alla vita in famiglia, ho potuto scegliere in ogni momento cosa volevo fare nella piú ampia libertà: e questo è cosí importante!
Consiglio vivamente questa esperienza di studio, per questa ragione so che torneró;)

Bea, Lugano, Italy. July 23, 2018

My experience at Active English in Alyth was really beautiful for a lot of reasons.
The first is that Lucy and Tom are two fantastic people. They always succeeded to make me feel at home and have fun.
The General English course was very helpful and well thought out, because after every lesson there is a whole day of conversations where it’s possible to practise the things you learn.
In addition of that, the village of Alyth is very cool and the Scottish people are friendly and kind.
In my free time I had the chance to visit a lot of wonderful places around this side of the country and meet new people.
Then in the end I can recommend this experience to anyone who would want to improve their English and discover an amazing country.
Shan F.

Shan, Switzerland, September 2018 September 24, 2018

I’m really happy and enthusiastic on my experience with Active English. This solution with full immersion is really exceptional.
A big thank you to Lucy for the personal and specific course of English. Before I have everything really mixed in my head. Now it is really better, more structured and more fluent.
A thank you very much to Tom for the interesting conversations in front a Pint or near of a fire.
Another thank you to Ciaran, Lucy and Tom’s son for the walk in the hill with his dogs and a special “BONJOUR” a Paddy.
At to End, thank you for the discovery of your beautiful country “SCOTLAND”
I return to Switzerland with my head full of English and amazing memories.
Alyth, from 14 to 20 october 2018 Pascal

Je suis vraiment très content et enthousiaste de mon expérience chez Active English. Cette solution avec complète immersion est vraiment exceptionnelle.
Un grand merci à Lucy pour le cours d’Anglais personnalisé et spécifique. Avant j’avais vraiment un mélange dans ma tête. Maintenant c’est vraiment mieux, plus structuré et plus fluide.
Un merci beaucoup à Tom pour les intéressantes discussions devant une Pinte ou proche du feu.
Autre remerciement à …. (fils de Lucy) pour la promenade sur la colline avec ses chiens et un spécial « BONJOUR » à Paddi.
A la fin, un grand merci pour m’avoir fait découvrir votre merveilleux pays, « L’ECOSSE »
Je retourne en Suisse avec la tête remplie d’Anglais et de merveilleux souvenirs.
Alyth, du 14 au 20 octobre 2018, Pascal

November 6, 2018