New Year – Time for Imperatives!

Did you start off 2019 full of optimism about all the New Year’s Resolutions – all those things you were going to do and all the things you planned never to do again?
Did you make a list and set all the reminders on your phone to make sure you didn’t fall by the wayside? Did you decide to forget 2018 and all those missed chances to get fit? Yes indeed. Forget the fact that 2018 was the year you took out annual membership for the gym and only went twice – this year you’ll be there every day.
“Go to the gym. Now. Don’t go home first. Pick up your sports bag and go! ” you told yourself the moment you left your desk at the office on 5th January. Be honest. Did you go to the gym or did you hop straight in your car and drive home??
And what about your decision to eat healthily this year? Has the command “Don’t eat any chocolate” become “You’ve eaten almost the whole box, don’t eat them all. Leave one for your friend (who’s not here because he’s at the gym, working out actually!!)
And. Dare I mention the word….. “alcohol”? Were you one of the people, who on 1st January, after a wonderful night of partying, dancing and general frolics, fuelled by copious amounts of shots, beers, wine and most probably Prosecco, tell yourself “Don’t touch another drop of booze. Do a detox and stay away from the wine .” There are wonderful, non-alcoholic beers out there, surely.
Whether you managed to stick to your resolutions in January or not, don’t worry. February is another month!


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